An Ethical Scape allows to sustain our environment in accordance with a rational use of human and non-human resources without taking control over it.

The ability of experts, political and civil societies to forge a Just Landscape despite the global ecosphical warning & narratives, places ourselves into a skeptical position to question intangible infra-politic mechanisms so as to achieve tangible projects and social cohesions.

The recent exponential craze to improve the living environment through the daily life inclusion to the establishment of environmental, social, and spatial justice, as well as the expansion of our cities with respect for sustainable biospheres, allowed to combine our whimsical environmental aesthetics with global ecological ethics in the various planning and community-care policies.

In the same way that globalization projects and resource managements helped to universalize the principles of precaution towards the human and non-human ever increasingly mobile and cross-cultural, the risk to weaken the autochthony to each environment was insinuated by their global spread.

Equally, an environmental monitoring mechanism is reinforced in the SCAPETHICAL design and planning practice evolved through diverse geographies and cultures. The need to stay anchored and participate in the construction of the reality at the whim of projects and research developed in situ can also produce its own critical space questionning the regeneration of local ecosophies, neoliberal ecological disturbances and other laudable but fragile humanism.

SCAPETHICAL was known as SEIWOOO until 2015.

Alban Mannisi is a Landscape Planner,
founder and director of SCAPETHICAL,
Built Environment Practice and Research Platform.
He has lived and worked in Nantes, Bordeaux, Paris (France), Seoul (Korea), Singapore, London (UK), Tokyo (Japan) and Phitsanulok (Thailand). He has been participating in worldwide projects (13 countries), in collaboration with professionals in various fields: Landscape Architects & Landscape Urbanists, Architects, Urban & Territorial Planners, Environmentalists and Academical Research Laboratories.
His experience includes, as an academic, teaching Landscape and Urban Planning at the Urban Planning dpt .of Hanyang University in Seoul_Korea, the Architecture dpt. of Naresuan University in Phitsanulok_Thailand and the Architecture dpt. of Korea National University of Arts in Seoul.
He studied and received two Masters degree from the National Schools of Fines Arts of Nantes (MFA), and the Architecture and Landscape of Bordeaux (MLA). He recently completed his PhD in Landscape Urbanism on a Political Philosophy of Landscape at the Architecture School Paris La Villette, France.
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Alban Mannisi also founded the International group of research ZZAC connecting related professionals and writies/publishes articles and books as an editor with ZZacBook edition.
Currently he is Assistant Professor at the Urban Planning Dpt of Hanyang University in Seoul_Korea and Research Member of the Architecture / Milieu / Landscape Laboratory in the School of Architecture_Paris La Villette.
His work was exhibited in Italy (Roma_Villa Medici, 1999), in Korea (Seoul_Korean Landscape Architecture Exhibition, 2005/2008), in America (San Francisco, Reno, and New York, 2010/2011), also published in Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Germany and Italy.
His main areas of interest are; the Implementation of Political Ecology in Landscape Planning; the Social Ecology Deployment through Environmental Mediation.
Major research projects are; the Globalization of Sustainable Narrative; the Analysis on the Foundation of Localized Political Ecology & Citizen Resistance.
Environmental Mediation in Spatial Planning within the Japanese Civil Society
Aesthetics of Resistance
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Rekindle Urbanity
Seoul Walks
Political Philosophy of Landscape
Social Ecology Publication
Citizen Empowerment in Planning Project
Minjung | Simin | Undong-ga: Insurrection Urbaine en Corée
Social Ecology Symposium
Environmental Panarchy
Territorial Resilience
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Pistil Spectrum
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